Iran’s not hiding it, but Europe is – and Bibi proved it

by Phil Schneider

There are many lessons to learn from one and two generations ago. One of the key lessons to learn is that dictators with plans to conquer and dominate much of the world are not that good at disguising their true intentions. They actually reveal their ultimate goals to their own people all of the time. The issue is with the free world. The people who live under the warm umbrella of freedom and democracy have a hard time with the idea that such horrible evil can exist in a world that they see as being so wonderful and peace-filled. It is true – the world is a much better place than it used to be. But we still have a long way to go until their are no more threats to our existence from dictators and their supporters.

Germany and the Soviet Union

There were two great American Presidents who led the battle against the two great dictatorships of the 20th century. FDR led the battle against Nazi Germany. Harry S. Truman led the battle against the Soviet Union. They both prevailed. But, both only prevailed when they and their supporters began to understand that the only method that the dictators they faced understood was force. There was no other option that was effective. Diplomacy is indeed very important – but it only works to the extent that force is always an option on the table.

Until the USA bombed Dresden and invaded Normandy with the Allied forces, Germany was not willing to succumb. And even then, until the USA, England and the Soviet Union occupied Berlin, the war did not end. FDR understood this way before the US population understood this.

Harry Truman thought he could actually reason and diplomatically work things out with Stalin. But he soon learned that only force meant anything to the ruthless dictator. Without the Korean War, the United States and the rest of the free world would have been in a much worse state than they are today. Today, it is Benjamin Netanyahu who is leading the battle against Iran. Europe doesn’t get it. Thank G-d, the present leadership of the USA gets it.

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