Southern Israelis appeal to UN over Hamas’ violation of their human rights

by Leah Rosenberg

Southern Israelis have had enough of the attacks. They’ve had enough of Hamas destroying their home and lives. And now they’re doing something about it.

Southern Israelis

Southern Israelis (as well as Israelis throughout Israel) have been subject to constant Hamas violence. Rocket attacks, balloons filled with explosives, fire kites, and more. And of course, the world blames Israel for everything, despite the fact that Hamas wants to destroy the Jewish state and has carried out more terror attacks than anyone wants to admit.

Well, after more than a decade of Hamas’ control over Gaza and the incessant rocket attacks, people are finally standing up to it in a new way. They plan to appeal to the UN with the rightful claim that Hamas has violated their human rights.

Will the UN Listen?

If their appeal legally goes through, will the UN listen? They have not listened in the past. In fact, not only do they refuse to condemn Hamas, but they instead criticize Israel. They accept complete lies about the Jewish state.

It is sad to see that it has come to this. And it is sad that the UN has not cared thus far. But it is amazing to see the Jewish people standing up for themselves! They refuse to allow Hamas’ terrorism to take over their lives. And that is truly heroic.

Motivation for Terror
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