Something is changing in Israel and the world is beginning to notice

by Chaya Cikk

Israeli politicians must strongly defend the Jewish state, no matter what. They cannot apologize for existing. How can they represent Israel like that?

Israeli Politicians

Israeli politicians are unique. They all hold many different beliefs and come from many different political parties. But no matter what party they come from, one thing is for sure: They MUST defend the Jewish state and the Jewish people. If they feel the need to apologize for Israel for defending itself, then they should find a new profession. It shows a weakness. And it allows the world to continue criticizing the Jewish state. The world should be apologizing to Israel, not the other way around.

Naftali Bennett Doesn’t Apologize

Naftali Bennett has served as different ministers in the Israeli government, including most recently Minister of Education and Minister of Diaspora Affairs. And there is something you should know about Bennett: He does not apologize. He strongly defends Israel’s right to exist and does not apologize when Israel has to defend itself against terrorism and the threat of annihilation from its neighbors. Naftali Bennett is not afraid to tell the world that the Jewish people are not occupying their own land! You can see in these short video clips how the world does not want to admit what is actually happening. They refuse to look truth in the eye. And that was evident from when Bennett tried to show the media the terrorism that Israel encounters all too often. As Naftali Bennett said, “You don’t talk with terrorists, you fight them.”

And in case the world still does not understand, this non-apologetic Israeli politician said it perfectly: “We will defend ourselves, and we will win.”

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