When Joe Biden and Golda Meir met to discuss Israel’s secret weapon

by Phil Schneider

This story of Joe Biden’s meeting with Prime Minister Golda Meir is a wonderful story. No matter who one supports in the 2020 election, this story of Golda Meir telling Biden Israel’s secret weapon sheds light on so much of what is true about Israel’s situation in the Middle East.

Joe Biden is no newcomer in Washington. For those who prefer outsiders, this is a negative. But for those who understand that experience is of enormous value, while they will understand that Joe Biden may have been Barack Obama’s Vice President for eight years, he and Obama are very different characters. Suffice it to say that Obama did not jump on the Biden bandwagon until Biden was clearly in charge of the Democratic nomination. Biden is a seasoned veteran liberal who has vast foreign policy experience. That does not necessarily mean that his policies will be wonderful or that he will surround himself with good advisors. But, if he does become President, it is still much better to have somebody in the Oval Office who met Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, and other Israeli Prime Ministers, than it is to have an Obama-like President who basically espoused and promoted progressive values from the Oval Office that were detrimental to Israel, the US and the freedom-loving world.

Gold Meir was known for great lines like the one she said to Joe Biden. Meir was also an extremely effective fundraiser who made fateful trips to the United States before the formation of the State of Israel. She actually spent a significant part of her childhood in Minnesota, and therefore spoke English fluently. She was born in Kiev, and also visited the Soviet Union in a trip that garnered tremendous exposure within the Soviet Union to the successful, yet young State of Israel.

But unfortunately, her report card as Prime Minister was not as successful. The Yom Kippur War was a very costly war, with more than 2,300 Israelis killed. Meir stepped down due to public pressure and ultimately faded away from Israeli leadership. But her contributions to building up the State of Israel in it’s formative years were her greatest achievements.

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