Britain’s Equalities Minister proves how Critical Race Theory breaks the law

by Avi Abelow

Hearing about Critical Race Theory from Britain’s Equalities Minister is powerful. The way some are using it to educate in schools is detrimental and wrong.

Critical Race Theory and BLM

Britain’s Equalities Minister, Elizabeth Truss, could not have been clearer: Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory are political and do not belong in schools. Teaching ideas such as “white privilege” as a factual reality is breaking the law.

The story she told proves it, but so does everything else. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement that has no intention to create racial equality.

Is it not enough to just see what they have destroyed? What have they created and built? What have they made better? Absolutely nothing.

Forcing Blacks to think that they are victims is wrong. Forcing Whites to think that they are oppressors is wrong. Truss is against this dangerous ideology of Critical Race Theory, and she is most definitely against it being promoted in schools.

It makes you wonder: Do people who support the Black Lives Matter movement truly know what this group stands for? Do they know what this group has done and the amount of damage, destruction, and death they are responsible for?

As Elizabeth Truss, a Black woman herself, said, “Black lives do matter – of course they do. But we know that the Black Lives Matter Movement, capital BLM, is political.” You can fully support Black lives but condemn the Black Lives Matter Movement. It’s that simple. And Truss is an example of that.

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