Israel’s “Smart” Border Barrier Uncovers Gaza Terror Tunnel

by Avi Abelow

When most people think of the word tunnel, they probably associate it with trains and cars. But in Israel, that word can mean something totally different.

Stopping Terror Tunnels from Gaza

One of Israel’s newest defense methods to stop terrorism proved successful. And thank G-d for that!

Can you imagine what Israel has to do to protect itself? They have to constantly be alert. Every moment matters. Every second makes a difference in the protection of the Jewish state. Israel has to constantly be developing new ways to keep its borders safe.

Hamas terrorists use things for terrorism that usually have a positive association. They use kites and balloons to send explosives into Israel. They use tunnels for terror. Can’t the world see what Israel is up against?

Those who lives on the Southern border want the rockets to stop. They want their children to love seeing balloons and kites, not fear what might be hidden inside. Israelis do not want to think about the fact that Hamas is potentially digging tunnels under their homes.

They want peace. Israel wants peace. But until then, the IDF will continue to defend its country and its people.

For more information about the exposed tunnel, click here.

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