UAE Pilot Experiences the “Impossible” in Israel

by Phil Schneider

The first United Arab Emirates commercial flight just landed in Israel. This is what the UAE captain said upon his historic landing in Israel. “If someone asked me a few months ago if I would be here in Tel Aviv, I would say that’s impossible. Hopefully this is beginning of a good relationship!”

The UAE-Israel economic agreement is nothing less than a positive earthquake in the Middle East. It’s not just that it opens up so many opportunities for both nations. It’s that it disproves so many notions that were considered absolutely impossible. The concept of Israel making peace with it’s Arab neighbors without a major land giveaway was considered unthinkable. The UAE agreement showed that this is not only untrue. It has never been true. The agreement similarly showed that their are indeed many Arabs, and Arab countries that prefer the economic benefits of living in peace with Israel and the Western world than they prefer living in a state of jihad against the Western world and Israel.

Not only will this agreement go down in history as one of the most important turning points, it has already led to a fast snowball growing of more and more countries looking to follow suit.

Who’s next on the list? Bahrain came right afterwards. Now Sudan is following suit. Then Oman. Perhaps Saudi Arabia? Their is definitely a new world order going on in the Middle East.

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