What’s happening in America is absurd – and here is why

by Phil Schneider

Is the race issue in the United States the central issue today? No. Is it still an issue? Yes. But the #1 issue today that should be discussed is chaos. If chaos will reign, then nothing else will matter. There is never anything more dangerous to any group than chaos. For example, if the race issue drives people to do horrible things, then there are many ways to fix this. But if there is chaos, then nothing will matter.

The police in the United States are one of the keys to the reason that the United States is still such a great country. Yes, law and order is a basic fundamental need for any properly functioning society. But, when looting, or organized theft of businesses and homes is sanctioned and allowed by cops in order to focus only on threats to life, then the entire concept of private property becomes nil. A weak mayor in a major American city is now something that has become the norm. A mayor that doesn’t back up his police, but makes sure to allay the black lives matter protesters and rioters, will not protect lives either. They will justify attacks on people’s homes and bodies too. This issue is something that will be a function of the strength or weakness of the leadership in each City and State. The United States as a whole is founded on excellent principles and a well organized government with checks and balances.

But a President, no matter how effective he/she may be, will not be able to control thousands of rioters across tens of States if the local mayors and governors give orders to their cops to stand down and let rioters blow off steam. The new norm in America is something that was a very rare norm in a few cities over the last few decades. Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Baltimore saw riots once every decade or two. But now, we are looking at a reality where threats to private property may indeed take place every year or two in tens of cities across America. When thousands of looters are not punished, what incentive do they have to not repeat when their television set breaks? The mayhem was not caused by one police officer or by many police officers who have committed racial crimes over many decades. This was caused by parents who didn’t teach their children right from wrong and who taught them about entitlements and rioting instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

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