What the world is afraid to say out loud about the Palestinian Arabs

by Avi Abelow

Sharon Gal revealed something that so many are afraid to admit, even if they know it is the truth. He did not hold back here at all!

Sharon Gal and the Truth

Sharon Gal is a former member of the Israel Knesset. He is also a TV host and a journalist. Gal shared the truth about the conflict with the Palestinian Arabs. Many people are scared of backlash if they were to say something like what he said, but not this former MK. Gal said it loudly: Everyone has had enough of the Palestinian Arabs. The world, including Arab countries, are fed up with the way billions have been given to the Palestinian Arabs to build infrastructure. Has one school been established? A hospital? Anything to help create a productive and flourishing society? No. Instead, the Palestinian Arab leadership took the money to invest in continued terrorism.

So let’s start saying the truth out loud. Because to be honest, everyone knows it.

We Need More Voices

We need more people in this world like Sharon Gal who are not afraid to speak up. In a world where lies are more present than the truth, we have to share the truth. We cannot be timid. Because after all, our lives really do depend on it.

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