US envoy Greenblatt says stop calling Israeli towns ‘settlements’

by Leah Rosenberg

US envoy Jason Greenblatt gave a speech that the entire world must hear. And in that speech, he touched upon a very important aspect – Israeli towns.

US Envoy – Towns, NOT Settlements

Here is something the world needs to get straight: Israeli towns and neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria are just that – towns and neighborhoods. They are not “settlements” that the Jewish people just built on land that did not belong to them. The entire land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Including Judea and Samaria. It is even in the name – JUDEA!

It is so refreshing to listen to Jason Greenblatt, a US envoy, say this. Many past presidents and their advisers did not say anything that even came close to sounding like this.

Israeli Towns Aren’t the Issue

Another important point that Greenblatt touched upon is that fact that the Israeli towns are not the cause for no peace. The world cannot seem to understand that. Giving away Jewish land to the Palestinian Arabs just gives them more land to carry out terrorism. The issue is not merely about land. It is about the acceptance of the existence of the State of Israel at all. They do not want to create a state side by side with the Jewish people. They want to DESTROY the Jewish people. The Jewish neighborhoods and cities are not the cause of any conflict. But the Palestinian Authority’s “pay for slay” definitely is. The ongoing intransigence of the Arab leadership to accept any level of Jewish dominion in the State of Israel is the core of the issue.

Let’s get the facts straight so that real peace can come soon.

The full speech can be found below:

Arab Incitement
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