Angry mob storms Bahrain embassy in Iraq to protest peace workshop

by Phil Schneider

In Bahrain, the US Administration under President Trump is advancing an initiative that has been called, “Peace through Prosperity.” Is this the recipe for peace that the Middle East has waited for for so long? It probably is not going to “succeed” in the short-term. But, it may indeed plant some seeds for the future leaders of the Arabs in the Middle East.

Bahrain As a Symbol

Most of the young Arabs today in the Middle East are well aware that Bahrain is a garden of eden in the Middle East for Arabs who are looking to live a more free and financially upscale lifestyle. The dream that many young Arabs have today is to live in Bahrain, or at least to live a life of financial success and somewhat more open lifestyle within the Muslim faith. This will not be said openly by many, but it is true. That is why this initiative that Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt have been heading up may actually succeed in the long-term more, even if it fails to get much going in the short-term.

Bahrain is a rich oasis of openness in the Middle East. It may not be a democratic country, but it does indeed symbolize openness for the next generation of Arabs. So, with the advent of the internet and social media, there is much more exposure today for young Arabs to the way of life that other Arabs in the world live in. That symbol may grow into a movement of young people rebelling against their parents and choosing prosperity over the middle ages.

Dr. Risch

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