The people who took Israel off the map

by Leah Rosenberg

Although it is not a new phenomenon, it is still offensive, antisemitic, and just wrong. Many have tried to remove Israel from the world map.

Taking Israel Off the Map

Taking Israel off the map is completely antisemitic. It is making a loud and clear statement. Most recently, an official New Zealand website did it. They replaced Israel with “Palestine.” And it is not just New Zealand or a website that did something like this. America’s own congresswoman Rashida Tlaib proudly put a note that said “Palestine” over Israel in a map that she displayed in the House of Representatives. It is not only factually wrong to replace Israel with the non-existent “Palestine,” but it is morally wrong. It is showing the world what people like Rashida Tlaib really want – to obliterate the Jewish state; to Literally wipe it off the map.

Israel Isn’t Going Anywhere

No matter what these Israel-haters try to symbolically do, the Jewish state is here to stay. The Jewish people are strong. The state of Israel is strong. Have these antisemites not learned anything from history? The Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years, yet they remain. Not only are they here, but they are positively impacting the world in ways no one could have ever imagined. They have survived exile after exile, persecution after persecution. They returned home after 2,000 years of exile. The Jewish people are walking in the same land that their forefathers did thousands of years ago.

Taking Israel off the map is wrong, but it definitely will not discourage the nation of Israel.

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