What Jews and Arabs think about Gaza might surprise you

by Avi Abelow

There is so much more that unites Jews and Arabs than divides us. Unfortunately, there are always those Arabs, like Hamas, who resort to violence and murder that tear our society apart.

Jews and Arabs

Jews and Arabs can live together. Under Jewish rule in the Jewish State of Israel, Arab and Muslims have full equality. They serve as Supreme Court Justices, police officers, Parliament Members etc. All jobs are open to them. Israeli hospitals are filled with Jewish and Arab doctors and nurses as well as patients from both populations.

The Jewish State of Israel is an oasis of coexistence

If only the Arabs and Muslims in our midst would stop teaching their children to hate us and murder us. If only they taught their children to be grateful of the wonders that the Jewish State of Israel have to offer them. Peace would be immediate.

Israel is not, and never has been, interested in war. Israel and the Jewish people have always been interested in living in peace.

However, so long as our Arab and Muslim neighbors teach their children to hate us and kill us, we will do everything to protect our country and our citizens, Jews and Arabs.

Gaza Fire Bombing

Gaza Arabs have been firebombing Israel burning thousands and thousands of acres of nature. Miraculously, nobody has been killed or injured from these firest, but it could happen anyday.

Israel has yet to forcefully respond to stop this terror against us. Many Israelis wonder why. It seems that Israel believes the Northern border is much more dangerous. Israel doesn’t want to use too much IDF force to stop the terror on the Southern border, because that will detract from our ability to defend the Southern border. They believe Hamas is waiting for Israel to escalate the situation for them to escalate as well. Which would then create a dangerous situation on both the Southern and Northern border.

In the meantime, Israel is dealing with the Hamas terror on the Gaza border in a low key fashion.


In the video you see that Jews and Arabs alike believe Hamas is a terrorist organization. They are ruining the lives of Arabs living in Gaza as well as Jews and Arabs living in Israel. The world needs to see the true face of Hamas. The media has to stop hiding the truth and stop blaming Israel for Gaza’s problems.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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