The side of Gaza that no one is telling you about

by Avi Abelow

What a surprising video about Gaza from Turkish television. Why surprising? Because it tells the truth and bursts the anti-Israel lies, parroted by mainstream media.

The media constantly lies, parroting the anti-Israel narrative that Israel is strangling the Gaza economy. They report day after day that Gaza has a humanitarian crisis and it is all Israel’s fault. There is only one problem, that whole narrative is a lie! Yes, there are economic difficulties, but it’s not Israel’s fault and it’s not as bad as the media makes it out to be.


Yes, Israel is enforcing a blockade on Gaza – as is Egypt! Both countries have every right to enforce a blockade on Gaza because Hamas has smuggled goods into Gaza that they then use to terrorize Israel and Egypt. It is that simple. Every country in the world has a right to enforce a blockade against an enemy entity that uses violence against them.

Now, let’s analyze exactly what this “blockade” that Israel enforces is all about.

Even with the blockade, Israel transfers hundreds of truckloads of goods every single day, including food and materials. Yet, the media skips this major detail. Only Israel transfers goods every day. Egypt does not even allow that. But, the media’s narrative parrots the lie that Israel doesn’t allow any goods to be transferred to Gaza.


Yes, there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. But again, it has nothing to do with Israel. It is caused by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas!

The Palestinian Authority froze salary payments to its employees in the Gaza strip back in March 2018. Only in May, following an outcry, did the Palestine Authority resume paying the salaries.  But they only paid 50 percent of the amounts. And these are 60,000 employees of the Palestinian Authority who don’t even work, because the government of Gaza is run by Hamas, not the Palestinian Authority.

In addition to that, for several years, the Hamas only pays the 40,000 Hamas employees 40 percent of their income.

One begins to see that the economy of Gaza is collapsing because people are not getting their salaries from the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. It has nothing to do with Israel and the blockade.


Finally, even though the international community has given billions of dollars of aid to the Palestinian Authority, none of those funds have been used to help develop jobs or infrastructure projects to help fuel their economy.  Instead, that international aid has been used to buy rockets, build terror tunnels, and pad the pockets of the corrupt Palestinian Authority and Hamas officials.

The Actual Truth

The economic situation of Gaza will improve when they care more about their own people than killing Jews and making themselves rich.  This may take another generation or two, but Israel must have perseverance and patience.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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