What Happened at the Concert of This Huge Israeli Star Will Leave You in Awe

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow. This was not just any regular concert with an Israeli star who is one of the most well-known singer/songwriters. Look at what happened!

Israeli Star Makes His Concert Memorable Because of This

Idan Raichel is a name that probably most Israelis know. As a huge Israeli star, he is far from a nobody. And that is what made this moment even more special. At his concert in Eastern Gush Etzion, Raichel dedicated a song to Elroi Kapach who was seriously injured in a terrorist attack on July 16 at the Tekoa Junction in Judea and Samaria after a terrorist shot at him and his two daughters (ages 14 and 9). Thankfully, he and his daughters all survived the attack.

The parents of Elroi’s wife, who lived in Gush Katif, Gaza, were both murdered in a terror attack 18 years ago when they were driving their car in Gush Katif.

You can feel the emotion while watching this clip. Idan Raichel asked Elroi, a man who survived a terror attack so recently, to dance.

There are so many beautiful things about this. The fact that such a big Israeli star feels connected to his fellow brother is something remarkable about the Jewish people. Whether or not we know each other personally, we all feel connected. When a Jew is injured in a terrorist attack, we all feel the pain. And when with G-d’s help he recovers, we all feel the joy. Something else that is so beautiful about this is seeing the strength of the people of Israel. Elroi was injured just a month ago in a terror attack. And he already wants to live life and rebuild. The Jewish people cannot be broken. And this video clip from a concert is another proof.

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