China is on the Verge of Collapse – This is Why

by Phil Schneider

China is a growing empire. But Ben Shapiro points out that China has 5 major problems that present enormous challenges.

Population Control decisions from 40 years ago were implemented by China in order to get a handle on their spiraling growth rate. But the ramifications of that horrible decision have led to a massive economic issue that will be felt for at least the next 2 generations.

The older population is simply unable to be as productive as the younger generation and will be unable to be properly cared for when they are a whopping 40% of the population of China in another generation and a half. Ben argues that this economic burden will lasso China with an extremely difficult challenge.

Ben Shapiro may be right about this, but he may also be overstating the problem. If China succeeds in controlling the economies of tens of small countries from Indonesia through Africa and even Europe, it will find ways to overcome dealing with it’s aging population. Now that China reversed it’s policy, things will go back to normal over the next generation.

But Ben Shapiro is probably right-on in noting that China’s military, though huge, at upwards of 2 million people in the standing army, does not have as much power as it may seem due to the technological edge of the United States Army. That cannot be fixed overnight and will take at least a few decades to deal with.

The scariest question concerning the very real challenges that China faces is the question of China invading Taiwan. If time is working against China, the invasion of Taiwan may become a higher priority than if time was working in China’s favor. China may never have a better chance to invade Taiwan than under the watch of Joe Biden. That would fix up their technological edge problems somewhat and establish them as a southeastern geopolitical heavyweight that threatens Australia, Japan, and other countries.

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Conrad August 17, 2023 - 11:45 pm

China depends heavily on economy meaning they are economic power not military power. And that will be their biggest problem in feeding there billion people. If almost all country in the world will not buy their product in one month only there will be chaos and civil war in China. If US alone will thigthen the flow of economy of China everything will change in china.

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