What are the top reasons why Israel is ranked one of the top twenty countries in the world to visit?

by Phil Schneider

What is it that makes Israel such a popular tourist destination for so many people? Usually, hotels and beaches will be the main reason given. But, in truth, the essential aspects that makes Israel such a popular destination for so many people are the spiritual and historical side combined with the beautiful exterior.

The State of Israel is a relatively new country. But the Land of Israel is as ancient as any other country in the world. When visitors from abroad come to visit the Land, the ancient and the modern intertwine beautifully. The excavations at archaeological digs is just one aspect. Even in places that have not been unearthed, the spirit of our forefathers can literally be felt – especially at Holy Sites such as Jerusalem, Hebron, and Shechem, the three holiest sites of the Jewish people. Even non-holy sites such as Masada Gamla, and the Dead Sea serve as mind-blowing experiences as one stands atop their cliffs or in the unique water of the Dead Sea and sees for miles around.

The ancient history though is sometimes more difficult to connect to than the modern. That’s where the powerful events of the creation of the modern State of Israel come into play. The War of Independence, the Six Day War, and the Yom Kippur War were all momentous events that shook up the entire Middle East. All of the battlegrounds come to life with powerful video experiences that are seen at the sites of the battles themselves – in the Golan, at Ammunition Hill, and at Yad Mordechai.

The icing on the cake are the people of Israel. Israel is a crowded country with enormous warmth. The people are felt best in places such as the “Shuk” in Jerusalem, and any mass gatherings around the Jewish holidays. Israel is truly a place that has an enormous amount of things to offer a wide variety of tourists.

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