Trump’s IAC National Summit speech reminds us why he is the best president for Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

President Donald Trump spoke at the IAC National Summit wowing the crows and ultimately proving hy he is the best president for Israel.

President Trump explained to the crowd how he ignored the pressures of the whole world and went forward on his promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

“I started getting calls from everyone. I got calls from presidents, calls from prime ministers, I got calls from kings and queens, I got calls from everyone. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it, please. Don’t Do it! It will be terrible if you do it. It will be horrible if you do it. And I heard this from many people. And the time came closer and closer. I did something that was smart. Because I learned something then and there fro that two week period. I was inundated. I learned why other presidents, in all fairness to them, why they made the campaign promise, but why they never got it off.”

Trump continued to explain how he stood up to the pressures the whole world was putting on him:

“About a week and half out, I said, ‘Listen. Tell these people I am going to call them back i am so busy. It’s true.”

President Trump then goes on to explain how his administration taking out radical Islamic fighters across the Middle East. He then focused on Iran. “We must never allow a regime who chants death to America and death to Israel to obtain nuclear weapons.”

He railed against the EU’s anti Israel agenda and BDS, showing that he is supportive Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria by his announcement that these communities are legal.

This proves why President Trump is by far the best president Israel has ever had in the White House.

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