Alan Dershowitz and Mark Levin attack Congress for impeachment charges against Trump

by Phil Schneider

The Trump impeachment issue has brought the partisanship issue of the Congress and Senate to the forefront of the political debate in the United States. It is not unprecedented that a President does an impeachable offense. Many people vividly remember the Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings. However, what characterizes the situation today is the clear line between Democrats and Republicans on this matter. In the Nixon impeachment hearings, many Republicans broke from President Nixon to vote on impeachment. But in today’s super-charged political climate, it is doubtful if more than a handful of Republicans will cross over.

Alan Dershowitz – A Reasonable Liberal

For more than 5 decades, Alan Dershowitz has been a stalwart of the left wing of American politics. He has stood up as both a defender and occasional critic of the State of Israel. His vantage point stems from a steep belief in the importance of human rights and the supremacy of law. On the Trump impeachment issue, he has taken a side. Of course, this is debatable. But what should not be debatable is the integrity of Alan Dershowitz. What the Democratic party needs more of are people like Alan Dershowitz. The old-time liberal is becoming an endangered species.

There once were people in the Democratic party like Harry S. Truman, and yes, John F. Kennedy. These were people that attracted the masses of young new Jewish immigrants and their children to the Democratic Party. The Republican party had more anti-Semitic elements and it was only natural that young Jews – like Alan Dershowitz connected to liberal American values. The problem today is that the liberal side of the Democratic party has become consumed by a radical progressive wing that cannot see anything positive in a problematic and erratic president like President Trump. That is the essential difference between the Nixon and Clinton impeachment trials and the one today. Democrats who voted to impeach President Nixon knew that President Nixon had redeeming qualities and that he was a positive statesmen in some ways, but they still voted to impeach him. Many Republicans also saw in Pres. Clinton a steady moderate voice at the top of the Democratic party, but still voted to impeach him. However, not a word of praise is heard about Pres. Trump from the Democratic side – except from liberals like Alan Dershowitz. We are way too fractured.

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