Bibi’s speech that makes Christians proud to support Israel

by Avi Abelow

What should make Christians proud to support Israel? Well, Bibi gives some good reasons right here. It really seems pretty rational!

Christians Proud to Support Israel

Those Christians proud to support Israel are proud because they understand what Israel is all about. They know that Israel is the only place in the Middle East that gives Christians complete religious freedom. Also, there are many spots in Israel that Christians view as holy. That just adds to the list of reasons they should stand up for the Jewish state.

Additionally, PM Netanyahu speaks very highly of Christians and their support for Israel and the Jewish people. Israel thanks the Christians and values their support. Hopefully, all Christians will feel that Israel should be defended!

Everyone Should Defend Israel

It is not only Christians that have complete religious freedom (as well as other freedoms) in Israel. People of all faiths can practice freely. Why? Because Israel is a democracy. Israel is a free country. Who would choose to boycott that? Who would choose to condemn the only free country in the Middle East? If you think about it, it is mind-boggling that there is an entire organization, the BDS Movement, dedicated to destroying the state of Israel. What kind of people boycott democracy? Only antisemites and ignorant people. There is just no other excuse.

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