Ex-“Palestinian” terrorist asks a question to Jews and Muslims everywhere

by Leah Rosenberg

Jews and Muslims everywhere need to hear Walid Shoebat speak. He is honest and open about the differences between the two.

Are Jews and Muslims Different?

According to ex-Muslim terrorist, Jews and Muslims are quite different. And this is coming from a Muslim himself! Walid Shoebat said that Muslims teach hate, and Jews teach love. His own father was saved by a Jewish doctor, yet his father still considered him an enemy. As Shoebat was speaking to a crowd of Jews, he asked rhetorically, “The question is why do you still do it? Why do you still rescue us even though we want to murder you? Why do you hide your children while we put our children in the front to die so we can make propaganda?”

It is amazing listening to an ex-Muslim terrorist like this speak such truth. The fact that he came to that realization means that it is possible for more Muslims to come to the same realization.

Jews Don’t Discriminate

The Jewish people are willing to help anyone – whether they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze – it does not matter. That is how Jews are raised. Jewish doctors will help people of other faiths. The Israeli army helps Syrians, Lebanese, and other Arabs from enemy countries.

Yet sadly, often times as Shoebat points out, the Muslims are still unappreciative. Not only that, but they still want to kill the Jew. They still want to destroy the nation that saved the lives of so many of their own. So yes, there are some differences between that two religions that cannot be ignored.

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