This is What Appeasing Muslims Looks Like

by Avi Abelow

Blatant judicial discrimination exists in Israel. The courts apply one law to Jews and disregard applying that same law to Muslims. Our liberal elites ignore the fact that appeasing Muslims doesn’t calm the waters, instead, it inflames the situation.

See with your own eyes the story of two land cases, one Jewish and one Muslim. This is just one example of judicial appeasement in Israel. However, we are all familiar with similar cases of appeasing Muslims, in many realms, like violence, vandalism, and even rape, where the Western authorities hold back from implementing the law.


Just yesterday, Israel expelled fifteen Jewish families from their homes in the Jewish community of Netiv Haavot.  The community next to Elazar is in the Judean hills. Even though nobody proved that the land belonged to an Arab, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the destruction of the homes.

Click here to read more about this judicial injustice against Jews.

On the other hand, Muslim Bedouin built thousands of illegal homes on recognized state land.  The very same Supreme Court decided to take no action. Why? Because they are Muslim residents of Israel. This is a clear policy of judicial appeasement.  They simply are scared and don’t want to create tension with the Muslim population.

Illegal Bedouin Building

The following information is from the Regavim organization, which helps the Israeli authorities to protect Israel’s lands. They have been following this issue carefully.

The Negev desert is filled with hostile Bedouin encroachment and land seizures. Not surprisingly, it is funded by foreign interests (mostly European) and orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority. This illegal Muslim land encroachment on Israeli government-owned land poses a major threat to the State of Israel.

The current Jewish population of the northern Negev is 100,000 – and the Bedouin population numbers nearly 250,000.  Some of the Bedouin live in the 18 legal Bedouin towns that the State of Israel created.  Others live a more scattered existence among more than 2300 illegal squatters’ camps throughout the Negev.

Sometimes the work of Regavim forces the justice system to stop their appeasement and apply the law equally to Israeli Jews and Muslims. But the years of appeasement is so systematic that thousands and thousands of illegal Muslim building cases go unpunished.


A few days ago Regavim had a success. A District Court will be indicting some Muslims for the illegal outposts they built near the Tel Nof Air Force Base.

They had to carefully follow and document two years worth of illegal Bedouin activity, including illegal land seizure, illegal construction, tax evasion, and more. To ensure the courts could not dismiss the case, they ensured that they could prove beyond any doubt the criminal acts. They even used hidden cameras.

This is a sign of the immense amount of time and resources needed to apply the law instead of appeasing Muslims. Yet when it comes to destroying Jewish homes, all an Arab needs to do is make a claim that the land with questionable legal status is his, even without proof of ownership.


Only when the law is applied equally will our countries be able to live peacefully with our Muslim citizens. So long as they know they get away with illegal acts, due to appeasement by the authorities, they will just escalate their illegal activities. That doesn’t develop a law-abiding, integrated, society, but one where the Muslims know they can get away with overpowering their host cultures.


Col. Kemp

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