Former Muslim Extremist Makes Historic Speech on Streets of London

by Avi Abelow

On Sunday, British authorities allowed Hizbullah supporters to march on the streets of London.  The Hizbullah supporters carried flags of the terror organization for al-quds day.  Politicians and Jewish community leaders spoke out against the march. Maajid Nawaz’s speech is the one that must be heard by all.

The March

It is quite despicable that the British authorities allow an event where marchers call for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel.

Not willing to just sit by as extremists called for the deaths of Jews, a number of activists and concerned citizens blocked Hezbollah from marching to their destination.

Click here to read more about the London march calling for Israel’s destruction on Al-Quds Day.

Maajid Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz spent 5 years in an Egyptian prison for being a Muslim extremist. Now he lives in London, and educates about the dangers of the other world he was once a member of.

He changed from a terror-supporting Muslim to a supporter of Israel.

In a video interview, Nawaz describes his previous views as “typically anti-Semitic and typically anti-Israel,” he recalls. “I denied the legitimacy of the State of Israel and believed that it had no right to exist.  I thought that the caliphate would one day come to… liberate the land and return it to Muslim dominion.”

Europe Today

Regarding the reality today in Europe, Nawaz believes that Europe faces a “triple threat” — from the far left, far right and Islamist extremism. Overall, he believes that the principal losers have been the continent’s Jews. “The one thing they all agree on,” he notes, “is their hatred of the Jews.”

We are blessed that Nawaz now uses his voice and platform to spread the truth. Thank you Maajid!


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