Watch What Makes These Former Elite Shin Bet Fighters So Good

by Leah Rosenberg

The Shin Bet is the internal security service of Israel. There are different units. Unit 730 is one of the most elite.

Former Fighters of Shin Bet

These men are tough and determined. Their training and experience has led them to become the best in the world. There are many different security services and units in the Jewish state. Some are secret, some go on covert missions, and some are out in the open protecting Israel’s important people. This unit in the Shin Bet has tactics that the world knows are some of the best.

It is interesting to note that these men are not out to harm other people. Their goal is not to kill but rather to protect. Yes, they might need to kill sometimes in order to protect whoever they are trying to shield. But it is not their goal to murder. This sets apart Israel from its enemies. Israel does not want to harm innocent people. Israel will do what it needs to in order to defend its people, but it goes to great lengths to avoid harming the innocent.

Israel’s enemies do the opposite. Their goal is to kill Israelis – men, women, and children. They don’t care who they kill as long as it’s a Jew. And the truth is, they don’t even care about their own people. If it means killing Jews, they will put their own people at risk.

There is such a stark difference between the Jewish people and those who try to kill the Jewish people.

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