Will Israel Attack Iran Under Bibi’s Leadership?

by Phil Schneider

Benjamin Netanyahu has been saying – for many decades – that the single greatest terror threat to the State of Israel is Iran. He is 100% right about that. He has made it clear that the only truly effective way to combat the threat from Iran is via crippling sanctions backed up by a credible military threat. He has implemented as much as he could from the side of Israel. The problem is not Israel – it is America. More specifically, the leader of the United States of America who is basically asleep at the wheel every day from the late afternoon.

American foreign policy under the Biden administration has basically been a resumption of the policies of the Obama administration. This has destabilized the Middle East more than any other development. The Afghanistan run-away and the cancelling of crippling sanctions on Iran have freed up Iran to explore resuming their terror supporting activities against Israel.

Iran does not only threaten Israel with their attempts to build nuclear weapons. Iran uses proxies across the Middle East to pursue a constant pressure cooker strategy in order to destabilize Israel’s security. Both Hamas in Israel’s south and Hizbullah in Israel’s north are funded and weaponized by Iran. The sanctions on Iran deeply impacted these two terror groups. Biden’s loosening of the sanctions loosened up the financial pressure on these two groups.

There is no Israeli leader who comes anywhere close to Benjamin Netanyahu at knowing how to maintain constant vigilance on Iran and it’s proxies. Netanyahu is prepared to order a strike on Iran. That is precisely why he may not need to. Iran knows this.

Israel should not only be working on a military plan against Iran. They should be lobbying the West to support the dissidents in Iran who are opposed to the regime. There are many Iranians who oppose their leaders but are scared to death of raising their voices. This humanitarian issue is something that should unite Republicans and Democrats.

The UAE and Bahrain have already made the big leap into signing agreements with Israel. Netanyahu may surprise many with a financial agreement with Saudi Arabia as a continuation of the earth-shattering Abraham Accords. Then, it will be Iraq, Iran, and Syria that will be left. But a majority of countries in the Middle East will have signed agreements with Israel on one level or another. It will be an interesting four years.

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