Watch what happens when an Australian Jew crashes a Jihadi rally

by Leah Rosenberg

This Australian Jew wants everyone to know the truth. So, what better way to show people than going to a Jihadi rally supporting the destruction of Jews?

Australian Jew at a Jihadi Rally

How often do you hear of a Jew making his way to a Jihadi rally? Well, Avi Yemini, an Australian Jew, wanted to show the world what happened when he crashed this rally. Of course, he was not invited. That was obvious from their chants of “Down down Israel.”

The protestors support Hamas. They support terrorism. On the streets in Australia, people are loudly and proudly supporting terrorism. Can you believe it?

Using Children to Spread Hate

Yemini asks one of the Hamas supporters, “Why are you using children to push hate on our streets?” Sadly, that is a common theme among radical Muslims. They use children to spread hate. They teach their children to become terrorists and murderers. That is just child abuse! For all those people who say they care about the children of the world, specifically the Palestinian Arab children, do they know what they should care about? They think that the children are suffering at the hands of the Israelis, but the truth is that they are suffering at the hands of their OWN.

The world is so focused on wrongly accusing Israel of everything and anything that they fail to address the real issues of the world. Terrorism. Radical Islam. Teaching children to hate. Chanting about the death of every Jew and the destruction of the one and only Jewish state. Maybe it is time the world woke up to what is really happening.

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