Hamas music video promotes stabbing Jews

by Phil Schneider

Violence against the Jewish people is a prevalent topic in many videos that the Hamas features. This is important because social media and the internet are widely used among young and older Arab citizens of the State of Israel. There is no question that imagery of violence does induce violence. Many attacks were perpetrated by people who had a clear track record of viewing attacks online, liking the page or commenting on the attacks, and then perpetrating one by themselves.

The battle for the souls of the younger generation should be fought more than anywhere else online. The schoolbooks will be very challenging to change, but should also be worked on. Lastly, all moderating influences in the Arab world should be encouraged. But the easiest method to impact is with messages online that display to the Arab viewer the stark contrast between a life as a jihadist as opposed to the life of an Arab who chooses the path of moderation and success. The promise of eternal paradise is more difficult to imagine than the promise of a happy life in this world which can be displayed in a way that resonates with young Arab minds. If the internet is left to the radicals to dominate in the Arabic language, then violence will win out.

Peace Through Superior Fire Power and an Attractive Western Life of Success

In the Western world, a mistake is often made of thinking that if all sides to a conflict would just sit own at a table and reason together, all issues can be worked out – no matter how complex. This has very little historical precedent. However, there are some major accomplishments that did occur like this. The Camp David Peace Agreements in 1979 are one example. It did not lead to eternal peace between Egypt and Israel. However, there has not been any major conflagration between Egypt and Israel since then. Prior to that, there had been four wars between Egypt and Israel in less than 25 years. So, sometimes reason can overcome religious passions – albeit temporarily.

However, for the most part in the Middle East, the religious passions dominate. But all human beings – even terrorists are scared of being killed. So, a strong Jewish state is still Israel’s best insurance on thriving and staying strong. But Israel has an additional draw. It is the window through which many Arab young people can see the lifestyle of the West. They are also drawn to financial success, openness, and freedom – even if their leaders and religion preach otherwise. Israel should devote more energy towards online exposure of young Arabs to a Western lifestyle. Then perhaps in another generation or two, we’ll have a significant minority or perhaps majority to sit down, reason with, and live peacefully with.

Arab Incitement
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