Palestinian Arab reveals surprising fact about his own people

by Leah Rosenberg

You won’t believe how many Palestinian Arabs want to live under Israeli control. But Ashraf Jabari is telling you. And he has no reason to lie.

Living under Israeli Control

Palestinian Arabs who live under Israeli control are much better off than those living under the Palestinian Arab leadership. The Arabs living in Israel work, are treated with respect, are able to build families, and are able to live freely. Those living under their own people’s leadership suffer. They can be tortured, killed, and forced to do things they do not want to do. It is not a life of freedom. There is no democracy. But in Israel, they are free. So, are you surprised that 90% of Palestinian Arabs prefer living under Israeli control than Palestinian Arab control? Wouldn’t you rather be free than live a life feeling like you are in jail?

A Better Future

Ashraf Jabari wants a better future for Jewish and Arab children alike. He has had enough of the hatred. Jabari wants the terrorism to stop! In his world, it is extremely brave to get up and say what he said. Most people are too afraid to stand up for the truth. The Palestinian Arab leadership does not give free speech the way Israel does. They do not have a democracy. They do not share the same values as the Jewish state.

So can a change come about? If more people like Ashraf Jabari work toward creating a better future, can it happen? One way or another, we must bring an end to the constant terrorism that Israelis experience. We cannot allow the next generation of Palestinian Arab children to become terrorists.

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