Watch What Happened at This Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony

by Leah Rosenberg

Every year, there is an International Holocaust Remembrance Day. What happened this year at one ceremony is mind-blowing and remarkable.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony

This is truly amazing. At one International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, an Emirati singer named Ahmad Al Hosani sang the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva. What a remarkable thing in today’s world. Yes, there are still many struggles in the Middle East. Things are not perfect. But you cannot ignore how incredible it is that an Emirate singer is singing ISRAEL’S national anthem.

Did anyone think just a few years ago that this could happen? Things were very different not so long ago. Do people realize the world is changing? We can choose to focus on all that is wrong, or we can choose to focus on all the good that is happening. That is not to say that people should turn a blind eye to all the war, famine, and oppression that sadly is happening in the world. We must do everything in our power to stop that which is immoral and evil. But we would be foolish to ignore how unbelievable it is that Ahmad Al Hosani sang Hatikva at an International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony. Really think about it.

There is still a lot of work to do in order to reach complete peace in the Middle East. But let’s be thankful for the steps that have already been taken; for the barriers that have already been broken down. And let’s pray that the final redemption and days of complete peace come soon!

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