Biden, NATO and World War With Russia

by David Mark

The Biden administration has joined Germany in sending advanced battle tanks – the Abrams M1 Tank to Ukraine.

According to a report in Politico:

“The U.S. is planning to send Kyiv the Abrams main battle tank in its more advanced M1A2 configuration, rather than the older A1 version that the military has in storage, according to three people with knowledge of the deliberations.”

“But the 31 tanks slated for Ukraine will not include the secret armor mix that makes the Army’s newest version so lethal, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations.”

These tanks, along with 14 German Leopard 2 tanks marks a serious escalation in the conflict between NATO and Russia.

Russia’s response has been to threaten nuclear war against the West. Russia views the situation as a direct threat. After all, the last time German tanks rolled across Ukraine towards Russia they belonged to Nazi Germany. Russians have a long memory, NATO knows this.

Will the tanks have the ability to change the course of the war – in the short term yes, but unless the Western powers provide unlimited lethal weaponry, the Russian war machine will eventually win. So what does NATO hope to gain by sending these weapons to the front lines against Russia?

The only answer that is plausible, is a wider war.

In the 1990s and early 2000s the conversation was focused on the idea of a uni-polar world order based on US influence and might. However, with ascendency of Russia and China to the top of the global order, this uni-polar order crumbled and instead a new global order emerged. This new order rested on the power of OPEC+, BRICS, positioned against a decaying Western world.

The West has unfortunately slowed down. While it’s still formidable, its leaders understand they cannot keep spending money to prop up their citizenry forever. After all, the US may have to borrow money from China in order to cover social security checks. This is why the West wants to stop Russia in Ukraine at all costs. If it doesn’t Russia and its fellow BRICS countries will be seen as the real leaders of the world.

Already this has played out with Saudi Arabia entertaining the idea of joining a sort of BRICS+ conglomerate. If this should happen, it would mark a crushing blow to the US.

Unfortunately for the world, the US and its allies appear hell bent on exponentially expanding the war against Russia in order to attempt to hold back the inevitable. If this starts a world war – then so be it in their eyes. Better no world than the Russians and Chinese take it from them.

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