Democrats Are Scared of What’s to Come After This Hint at 2024

by Phil Schneider

She’s running. It’s pretty apparent that she wants to be in the mix as the leading woman running for office in the Republican Primary for the 2024 elections. Whether Ron DeSantis runs or not, and whether Donald Trump can bring back the excitement that he brought to the Republican Party between 2016 and 2020, Nikki Haley will almost definitely be in the mix between 2024 and 2032.

Nikki Haley is the front-runner for the job of Vice President for one very simple reason. Kamala Harris is the front-runner for the Democrat Party and suburban women are a key demographic in every election. Nikki Haley looks, talks, and has views that mesh very well with many middle to upper class suburban women all over the United States.

She is an excellent role model on prioritizing family values, with an excellent resume of leadership. She was not only a successful governor. She successfully served as Ambassador to the United Nations and showed that she could handle the pressure and stood up to foreign leaders. Most of all, she skillfully handled the complicated task of dealing with the unpredictable, talented yet difficult leadership of Donald Trump.

She was appointed by him, not that long after she made it clear that she was not his #1 fan. She then knew when to walk away while things were good. Then, she stood up to Donald Trump and said that he let down the Republican Party on Jan. 6th. She is reasonable and is a natural fit with Ron DeSantis to run the Republican Party if one or both of them can defeat Donald Trump in the primaries.

But as things look now, Donald Trump will probably run in the primaries in a crowded field. That would suit Donald Trump very well as he will stand out against all of the other contenders. But Nikki Haley, more than DeSantis, Pompeo and Pence, may be better equipped to take down Donald Trump in the primaries than other contenders. She will be a force in the elections. Donald Trump’s show is starting to get old, even if he is still looking great for his age. Reruns rarely do as well as the originals.

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