Watch Trump on Larry King in 1987 Answering Questions From Callers 

by Phil Schneider

Donald Trump has not changed much over the last 40-50 years. This is an important detail. It shows that whether one agrees with things he says and does or disagrees with them, he must be taken at his word. He has never been one to filter what he thinks and says with politically correct jargon. Not then, and certainly not now. But he does mean what he thinks and says.

Donald Trump does not look like he will win the Presidency in 2024. But neither did it appear that he would pull it off in 2016. He is still the favorite to win the Republican primary. But the legal hounding is certainly making an impact. It is not hard to imagine him pulling out in order to stay out of a potential prisoin sentence.

On the other hand, one thing that is certainly clear about Donald Trump is that he is no quitter. He is a fighter and he genuinely believes that in 2020 the election was stolen from him.

One aspect of this old interview is that it serves as a reminder that Donald Trump was a very popular figure on both sides of the political specturm until he entered formal politics. That says alot about why it is so not enticing for businessmen and busisnesswomen to jump into the fray. Why get dirty in the filth that politics is so filled with today?

Donald Trump successfully jumped in and changed the world. That is the main reason to take the leap. There will probably be many more who will follow suit after Donald Trump. Perhaps one of his most enduring legacies will be that he opened the door to the White House for non-professional politicians.

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