Famous Israeli Singer Composed This Stunning Song About His Children

by Leah Rosenberg

When you have an Israeli singer who sings with so much heart and passion, you will be moved to tears. This song is beautiful.

Israeli Singer Hanan Ben Ari

You can feel it in the music when a singer gives it his all and writes about real things. Music is a language. And for some people, that is how they express themselves. Music sometimes speaks louder than words. It’s a powerful form of communication. This famous Israeli singer, Hanan Ben Ari, wrote the perfect song here. His lyrics really enter the soul in a way that that is indescribable. You just cannot explain it. The raw emotion. The honest words. It’s so real and beautiful that it’s impossible to not be moved to tears when listening to it. Hanan Ben Ari’s music is touching. Not all musicians have the ability to connect to others so deeply. But he definitely has that special quality.

Sometimes, as a parent, it’s hard to express what you are feeling. It’s hard to express the love, the worries, and the pain that come up when being a parent. It’s hard to explain what we want for our children. That’s why this song is so relatable. It gives words to the thoughts of parents. It gives a voice to the inner, and sometimes unspoken, feelings.

When you’re feeling unsure of how to relate to the emotions that come along with the blessing of having children, listen to this song. Let your soul speak through music. It can be very empowering.

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