Watch this SHOCKING antisemitism in New York

by Avi Abelow

Take a look at this footage that has gone viral. An anti-Semitic couple in the Catskills verbally abused this Jewish driver for absolutely no reason.

The Catskills

The Catskills is a popular vacation spot for many Jews throughout New York. There are many activities and beautiful scenery all around. Being there can make you appreciate nature and the beauty of God’s world.

But then there are people who want to destroy that beauty with their hate and antisemitism. And this footage shows the unbelievable hatred that some people have.

The Antisemitic Act

The incident occurred in the city of Monticello, in Sullivan County, New York. This anti-Semitic couple claimed 25-year-old Brooklyn musician Isaac Bernath cut them off while driving. Listen as they uttered profanities. Aside from the most vile curse words, the couple made it clear that they were targeting a Jewish person. The husband yelled, “You dirty, nasty people. You ruin the whole place.”

The musician told News 12 that these incidents were common, which is extremely sad to note. He said, “I wasn’t surprised, but I was glad I got it on video to expose it.” People need to see what happens.

Age-Old Hatred

We know all too well that this antisemitism is not new. It has been occurring for decades and centuries. And we also know all too well what that kind of hatred can lead to. Pogroms. Expulsions. The Holocaust. Murders. Attacks.

The world needs to see how horrific antisemitism can really be. The Jewish people need to see it. Because if we do not admit it, how can we stop it from happening again?

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