Saudi Arabia just did something for women that changes history

by Leah Rosenberg

Saudi Arabia is not known for treating their women well. But recently, things seem to be changing. And this last change is historic!

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia definitely has a history of mistreating their women. Women in that country are limited in what they can do and wear. Not only women, but others as well. Anyone who goes against Sharia Law may be subjected to the worst type of treatment, including death.

But in the last few years, women in Saudi Arabia have slowly been given more rights. And this last one included women being allowed to get their own passport and travel without the approval of their male “guardian,” whether that be a husband or father. Within the last few years, the prince has also made the decisions to allow women to vote, drive, and get a license.

Will This Lead to A New Future?

These changes are definitely positive for women in the Arab world, specifically for Saudi Arabian women. But the question is, will these changes lead to bigger and better things? Will women continuously be granted more freedom and rights? These historic moves give them independence and a sense that they matter too. In the Muslim world, women are often treated as less important than men. Maybe these new freedoms for women in Saudi Arabia will bring about new changes, not only for Saudi Arabians but for Muslim women throughout the world. Although things are far from perfect in the country that is known as the birthplace of Islam, maybe this road will lead to a better future.

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