What this Israeli pilot did is the only time it has happened in history!

by Chaya Cikk

What happened to this Israeli pilot is no short of a miracle. It’ll also hopefully be the only time in history this happens. This is amazing! Thank God no one was injured during this.

Israeli Pilot

Israeli pilots go through intense training before being given a pilot’s license. They have to go through an intensive training course which takes three years. This course takes place in an air force base in Southern Israel. In addition to the course, these soldiers need to do sever years of military service. Considering all the hard work these soldiers do very few pilots pass the course.

Israeli Air Force

The Israeli Air Force was set up using many planes from World War Two. Israel owes a lot to the Air Force. They played a huge role in the Six-Day War. Where the Air Force took down most of the Egyptian Planes. Additionally, there have been many other operations where the Air Force played a big role. For example Operation Entebbe, where the Air Force helped rescue Israeli hostages that were on a plane to Paris. But the plane had been hijacked and sent to Uganda.

Furthermore, the Air Force has developed so much since its founding in 1948. Nowadays most of the airplanes come from the United States, whereas before they were many combat airplanes from World War Two. Finally, Israeli citizens are very thankful for all that the Air Force and its pilots do. I am sure there is a lot more work that the Air Force does that many citizens don’t hear about.

F15 Planes

These F15-Eagle Planes were designed by McDonnell Douglas. They are imported from the United States. In this video here, the plane was damaged in a training accident. The Pilot thank God was not injured but did manage to fly the plane and land safely with one wing! This hasn’t happened before! A miracle indeed. Just listen to his story and you’ll be amazed!

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