The debate that proves BDS co-founder is a liar

by Leah Rosenberg

The BDS co-founder, Omar Barghouti, proudly lies about Israel and what the goal of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement is.

Goal of BDS

Omar Barghouti said, “BDS aims to end injustice and inequality and denial of human rights.” That is completely false. The BDS Movement wants the destruction of the state of Israel. The movement opposes a Jewish state. They deny the Jewish right to the land of Israel. Barghouti lies. And sadly, many people believe him. This generation craves to fight for social injustices. The problem is that sometimes, they do not research the truth. So instead of learning that Israel is not an evil entity as the BDS Movement portrays them to be, they believe that Israel needs to be stopped from wrongly treating Palestinian Arabs. But the ones who are mistreating the Palestinian Arabs are the Palestinian Arab leaders themselves!

But the BDS co-founder will not dare tell you the truth. That will ruin his narrative that persuades people to join his antisemitic movement that aims to destroy the Jewish state.

BDS Co-Founder STUDIED in Israel!

Omar Barghouti claims that Israel is an apartheid state. After all, that is why he has his organization – to boycott the apartheid taking place! But here is an important fact to know: Barghouti himself studied in Israel at Tel-Aviv University. And he says that the Jewish state, the place where he went to university, is an apartheid state? That is just paradoxical and ironic. If Israel was truly an apartheid state, Omar would definitely not be able to study in an ISRAELI university alongside Arabs, Jews, and Christians! The world literally ignores the truth as it stairs them right in the face!

So, there you have it. What is this debate all about? The side that is pro-BDS and claims Israel is an apartheid state bases its views on nothing. There are no facts that prove what they believe is true. Therefore, they have to lie. And that is exactly what they do.

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