You’re racist – unless you’re a Democrat?

by Phil Schneider

The double standard when it relates to the term, “racism” is crystal clear. Somehow, the Democratic party has claimed sole rights to terming others “racist.” But, in truth, the term racist applies to radicals on both sides of the spectrum – both right and left.

Nobody wants to be called a “racist.” The truth is that racism in America is actually not as strong as people may think. There are indeed a bunch of nut-jobs who are definitely black haters or brown-haters, or Jew-haters. But, the attempt by many Democrats to label the entire right wing leadership, from President and downward, as racists, is an exaggeration of the first order.

There is alot of gray within the scale of racism. Many people have biases against groups for various reasons, but certainly do not deserve to be labeled as racists. It is dangerous when labels are thrown around in an exaggerated manner. Let’s keep the labeling down to a minimum and focus on strengthening the common middle ground between people.

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