Watch: The Jewish Song That Revealed Why the Jewish Nation Has Survived

by Leah Rosenberg

Not only is this song catchy and entertaining, but it also gives over an important message to every single member of the Jewish nation.

Children are the Key to the Continuation of the Jewish Nation

What an incredible Jewish song. Children are the key to Jewish survival. The Jewish nation would be nothing without its children. And that is such a beautiful thing.

Children are important. They matter. We have an incredible responsibility to teach them and educate them. If we want the Jewish nation to continue to survive, we must realize how much our children play a role in that mission. The unbroken chain of the Jewish people leads all the way back to Abraham our forefather.

A child is able to soak up information and experiences in a way that adults cannot. They have an excitement of life that is incredible. They have a purity that is so holy and beautiful. Teachers, parents, and adults have to realize how much of an impact they have on children and how our children are the key to Jewish continuity.

Every child is unique and needs to be educated according to his needs. In King Solomon’s work of Mishlei, or Proverbs, he writes, “Teach a child according to his way.” What a beautiful message for a child to internalize – that HE is important enough to be taught on his own level, in his own style, in a way that he can learn. When a child knows that he is important and matters to those around him and the world, greatness lies ahead.

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