CNN is Furious This Video Hasn’t Been Taken Down Yet

by Phil Schneider

The best place to be an Arab in the Middle East is the State of Israel. That is based on defining good as being a place that has freedom of speech, freedom of religion, excellent and affordable medical care, and possibilities of upward mobility. All of these are things that the State of Israel offers Arabs. All of the above are things that cannot all be received in any other country in the Middle East.

However, CNN continues to argue the same old lie that Israel is a horrible place for Arabs to live. It has never been true and is less connected to reality today than at any other time.

Israel has Supreme Court Justices that are Arab. Israel’s lead doctors who ran the coronavirus response were Arabs. Israel’s Knesset allows for Arab members to speak freely against the very existence of the State of Israel. These are not opinions, but hard facts. And for the liberals who care deeply about human rights and the role of women in society, there is nothing to discuss in terms of where Arab women and minorities have it better. Plain and simple, the most Western and democratic oriented country in the Middle East is Israel – by far.

But some time in the 90’s, CNN took a hard left anti-Israel position, and has never truly strayed from that path. But it can be changed. Twitter adopted an anti-free speech position by Jack Dorsey. But now Elon Musk is shifting gears over there. CNN can also change gears. They do not need to cede as much market share to Fox News as they have. They can recover with a return to reasonable reporting that is balanced and focused more on facts and less on opinion.

Fox News is by no means a perfect network, but CNN has gone so far off the deep end in the direction of woke progressivism that Fox News easily walked in and grabbed their market share. It’s not too late to make the sea change necessary to win back more viewers. But first, the dedication to truth must Trump all ideological bias.

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