The Israeli Left Wants Civil War

by Micha Gefen

Justice Minister Yariv Levin is pushing for overhauling the judicial branch in Israel, which until now has been left unchecked and considered by many if not a majority of Israeli as wielding outsized power.

The left has taken to the streets over the proposed changes, with Gantz and Lapid openly calling for an uprising. Netanyahu has claimed that the rhetoric of the opposition leaders borders on sedition.

The fact it, the left is in crisis. They and their foreign supporters have been propped up by the Supreme Court for decades and finally the people of Israel elected a government able to make the required changes. The left understands as well as many Western governments that a changed judiciary will close the door on foreign powers controlling Israel from behind the scenes.

This is why the left is pushing civil war – they know in the coming years, they may finally become extinct.

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