Watch: The first rain of the season in Israel was miraculous

by Leah Rosenberg

Rain in Israel is different than rain anywhere else in the world. The connection between prayer and rain is felt. The first rain is a joyful occasion.

The Miraculous First Rain

The first rain in Israel, and really every rain, is miraculous. Asking G-d for rain during its season is part of the set text of Jewish prayer. It reminds us that everything comes from G-d and without Him, even rain cannot fall.

And that has happened before. Israel has gone through droughts. It is truly detrimental and is a reminder for us how important it is to ask G-d for rain and for Him to bring the rain.

When it rains in other places throughout the world, people are not always so happy. But in Israel, people are either happy or feel that they should be and work to achieve that feeling. There is this atmosphere of excitement and joy for the rain.

And should we not have that same excitement for every “natural” phenomenon? The sun rising. The stars lighting up the sky at night. Flowers growing. Without the will of G-d, none of these things could happen.

Asking for rain from the One Above is a reminder of the connection we should have with Him and that we really should pray and ask for everything – seemingly small or big.

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