Archaeologists uncover 2000 year old item that Jews carried to the Temple

by Leah Rosenberg

You can hear about the Temple. You can learn about it; study its laws. And then you can also feel the evidence that it existed and was real.

Feeling the Temple and the Bible

Do you realize how fascinating this is? Finding a silver half shekel coin that Israelites brought to the Temple to help in the upkeep is incredible. We are talking about Biblical times here! This is such tangible evidence of the truth of the Bible and Jewish history. You can feel it with your own hands! How can anyone possibly argue that the Bible, history, and the connection between the Jewish people and Israel are invalid? Discoveries like these are mind-blowing. You really just can’t make this up! The City of David is still alive.

It takes a lot more effort to try to deny this proof than to accept it. Trying to invalidate the truth is a futile task. It makes no sense.

Continued Discoveries

This is not the first discovery carrying the truth about Jewish history and the Bible, and it is not the last. These discoveries are not just amazing because of the fact that the Jewish people get to learn about and touch their history. These discoveries are amazing because they show the world the truth.

And the antisemites might not care either way. But maybe, just maybe, enough of the world will care about the truth and stop denying the Jewish nation the right to their ancient homeland.

Either way, archaeologists will keep digging up the truth. It has been buried for long enough!

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