Watch: Something Unprecedented is Happening in Kibbutzim Right Now

by Leah Rosenberg

This is mind-blowing. Who would have thought something like this could happen in Kibbutzim like this one? We are living in truly crazy times.

Even Those Living on Left-Wing Kibbutzim Are Waking Up

The sign that was hung up at the entrance to one of the Kibbutzim hit the hardest by the Hamas horrors on October 7, Kibbutz Be’eri, is shocking. It’s shocking to those who realize that Kibbutz Be’eri is not a religious Kibbutz. It’s not a Right-wing Kibbutz. A few months ago, you would never believe it if someone told you that they would hang a sign quoting a verse from the Bible and calling their Arab “peace partners” Amalek – the vicious nation that the Jewish people are told to eradicate from the world.

People on this Kibbutz (and many others) believed in making peace with the Arabs who seek to destroy the Jewish people. And now, many people are waking up. Many Jews are realizing that it’s not possible to make peace with Amalek.

A major change is taking place in the Jewish nation. Although not everyone has woken up yet, many have. And many have also turned to G-d. Those who have never looked for a relationship with their Creator are now turning to Him. Non-religious Jews have promised to keep Shabbat. They have turned toward religion instead of turning more away from it.

Let’s hope and pray that this direction of turning towards G-d continues. Let’s pray that more people find their faith and spirituality amid the dark times. We have nowhere else to turn besides to G-d. Keep praying and keep believing.

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