The Speech About the Jews That is Shocking People Worldwide 

by Phil Schneider

This is fiction and it will probably not be reality for quite some time if ever. But it could happen, and it may happen sooner than we may expect.

One of the lessons from history, and from October 7th too, is that we must expect the unexpected. Israel had reached one of it’s most fractious points in recent history before October 7th, 2023. On multiple levels, the sense was strong that the religious and right-wing elements of Israeli society had begun a takeover of the most powerful institutions. But the leftwing and more non-religious elements of Israeli society were not going to have it. Massive weekly demonstrations rocked Tel-Avi and Jerusalem for months without showing any sign of subsiding. Benjamin Netanyahu may have been the lightning rod of the demonstrations. But it was much deeper than a massive protest movement against him. The country was indeed torn.

Then, in a matter of 24-36 hours, Israel found itself with it’s back against the wall facing an unprecendented massacre of more than 1,000 civilians and hundreds of police and IDF soldiers who jumped into action to defend against Hamas terror. Everybody in Israel became involved in the war between good and evil. Hundreds of thousands of IDF soldiers were called up from the IDF reserves and the massive War in Gaza began. But more importantly, unity in the Land of Israel was felt nearly everywhere. To this day, there are hundreds of calls, from the groundroots and upwards, to maintain this unity throughout the War and afterwards. 

The unexpected has happened. Could it happen on a world scale? Hard to imagine. But if it were to happen, it would probably come on the heels of the entire world also feeling itself up against the wall in a battle against evil. When the truth is searched for, the State of Israel will be the wellspring of truth in this world for those to find answers to the pressing questions.     

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