Watch: Shooting Victims Trapped in Seattle CHOP Zone

by Avi Abelow

All because of the walls that the anarchists built. Walls are ok for them around CHOP, but not ok on the US border.

So sad. Another shooting took place in the “autonomous” zone in Seattle called CHAZ, and now CHOP. This time a 16 year old was killed and a 14 year old was critically injured in the latest shooting. 

The 16 year old’s life might have been saved, but the barricades that the Black Lives Matter & Antifa activists placed around their “no police zone” made it hard to get the victims to the hospital.

This is what leftist anarchy looks like.

Seattle’s female African-American

 police chief summed up the tragic situation best.

All those who claim that black lives matter movement cares about black lives should internalize the visual of that female African-American police chief and truly listen to what she is saying.

In the meantime, reports are that the Seattle police are finally removing the barricades to that area, reclaim the police precinct they abandoned and finally provide safety to the residents of that area. 

That is a definite sign of needed sanity, as more and more cities, like New York City, decide to defund their police departments.

Absolute insanity. 

May G-d look after all Americans living through this insanity right now. 

We are vocal against all this in order to wake people up to the truth of the leftist anarchy we are witnessing and to stop this insanity from being copied by our own leftists in Israel. 

May G-d help our efforts as well, because the left everywhere are dangerous.

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