Black Lives Matter is being funded by terrorists

by Phil Schneider

There are a whole host of things that have come together that have led to the “success” of the Black Lives Matter movement. The mobs that have rampaged across of America could not do what they are doing without the left push to disband and defund the police as the new norm. The judges and members of congress who have created an environment wherein policemen are taking early retirement at an unprecedented rate are also an essential part of what is happening.

The Black Lives Matter movement is fueled by an unprecedented unification of the reasonable left and the radical left in their disgust of President Trump. The reasonable left has basically stayed quiet even though they are suffering from the looting and the rioting also. But the media and elected officials that are opposed to President Trump understand that there is nothing that will tarnish the Trump presidency more than the rioters who are creating havoc all across America. Therefore, there will not be any push back against the rioters and looters till after the election. The suburban voters who tend to be more moderate Republicans or more even-minded liberals are looking to have an orderly life with a leadership that will take care of their basic needs. Havoc scares them as it would any reasonable person. It weakens President Trump’s chances for reelection.

The BLM movement is definitely not a mainstream movement. But it has accomplished more in the last few months than nearly any other radical movement in recent history. After the November election, there will probably be some push back if the Black Lives Matter movement continues to fuel havoc across the United States. But if President Trump pulls off another comeback, the protests will probably gain even more steam. At that point, President Trump will find himself at odds with weak governors or mayors in cities all over the United States. It will not be boring in the coming months. Who would have thought that a pandemic virus followed by a racist movement fighting for racial justice could have such a profound and sudden impact on the United States of America?

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