Jews Active Against Sovereignty are Wrong, but the Future is Bright

by Avi Abelow

It is extremely disturbing that there are Jews actively working against Israel, their homeland, in applying Jewish law in our ancestral homeland. I explain what is so wrong about their behavior and why our future is bright, very bright, regardless.

It is the same Jews who have been actively supportive of the two-state solution that are now against sovereignty.

Let’s revisit the two-state solution. It is based on recognizing that Judea & Samaria, the place where all the Biblical stories took place, belongs to a people that has no history, or unique cultural attributes connected to our land. Some even believe that Judea & Samaria are not connected to the Jewish people.

The two-state solution is also based on destroying Jewish communities and expelling hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes.

It also has a 100-year history of failing, starting with the Faisal-Weizman agreement in the beginning of the 20th century. Every time a two-state solution was proposed, while the Jews said yes, the Arabs always said no and instead resorted to terrorism.

The Oslo peace process that was supposed to usher in the two-state solution, was based on recognizing terrorists (the PLO) as “peace partners”. Not only did the Oslo peace process not bring peace, but it also brought decades of terror with thousands of innocent Israelis either dead or seriously injured, physically and psychologically.

It boggles my mind that fellow Jews are so supportive of the failed two-state solution that has only been bad for the Jews in Israel, yet they are actively opposed to a direction that is actually based on reality, is good for their fellow brethren in Judea & Samaria and is beneficial to those Arabs who live with us truly interested in living in peaceful coexistence with us.

It is as if their identity as Jews is tied up with supporting a two-state solution, and Israel applying sovereignty goes against their Jewish identity. If that is true, then those people have to revisit what it means to be a Jew.

Israel will survive and move forward with or without their support, but they are the ones who will be hurt, further weakening their Jewish identity and their connection to Israel.

For the legal basis for Israel to apply sovereignty in Judea & Samaria click here.

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