Watch: Remarkable Footage of Jerusalem from 1918

by Leah Rosenberg

How often do you get to see footage of Jerusalem from so long ago? It’s always unbelievable to see videos of the holiest city in the world!

Footage of Jerusalem From Over 100 Years Ago

Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world. It is the Jewish capital, and the Jewish people have been yearning for and praying for Jerusalem for thousands of years. It is the place where the Jewish Temples stood and where the third and final one will stand once again – may it be speedily in our days. Seeing footage of Jerusalem from any time period is amazing. And when you can see a video from over a hundred years ago, it’s truly remarkable.

Although we do not have footage of Jerusalem from thousands of years ago, we have the Bible and subsequent Jewish texts that talk about the beauty of Jerusalem and how holy it is. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. The Bible shows us that, and history shows us that.

And even a film like this gives further proof of the centrality of Jerusalem to the Jewish people. Remember: A mosque was built ON TOP of where the first and second Temples stood. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out which came first.

One day, the world will wake up to the truth. But until then, keep studying the Bible and learning about all the references to Jerusalem. Keep studying the Jewish texts. See and touch the archaeology. And keep watching this stunning footage of Jerusalem.

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