If Ukraine Is “Winning” Then Why Did It Fire Its Defense Minister

by Micha Gefen

In a sudden move, Ukraine fired its long time Defense Minister who has been at the helm of the armed forces since the beginning of the war.

While there have been small gains by Ukraine’s army since the injection of Western arms into Ukraine’s arsenal, the latest news that Zelensky has fired his longtime ally and Defense Minister should be an ominous sign for Ukraine. True, Western media consistently paints a positive spin on Ukraine’s situation, but Russia has yet to be dislodged from Ukraine’s East, despite the massive influx of Western weapons.

With winter fast closing in, Russia just needs to hold out and reverse any gains Ukraine has made. The war in Ukraine is fast becoming a forever war – one that is reshaping global geopolitics and refracturing a post cold war world.

The ascendency of the Russia-China alliance is perhaps the most worrying development of the war and appears to be Russia’s main goals of the invasion.

so the question remains – if Ukraine is doing so well, why did it just fire defense minister?

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